Mission Impossible

Started on the Impossible – with only 7 attainable rides left before next show.

Canter transitions… Really don’t care if they’re somewhat awkward, but into canter we should go, and stay, for at least Training Level duration.

Not much time available at all to work on this.  Ignored the issue all of last month.  So many other things to work on…

So here we are, Valiosa and I, working on coming to the understanding that we can exist in the arena in canter.

A challenging gait for her, and she’ll stress.  Also terribly upsetting is the outside leg asking for it.  Earlier this week, anticipating at C, she sped off, then planted her front legs and made several beautiful bucks straight up.

Lower back said Thank You Very Much.

This sort of action is really frowned upon in the showring.

Think we’ll figure this out over the next 5 rides?…

As the majority of riders fiddling in dressage on their own out there – one have to make the best out of the situation given.

Mine, not ideal.  By far.  The resources and opportunities lagging.

But the simple pleasures of teaching this mare, at snail pace, the very basics of dressage, are absolutely delicious.

We’re humble.  We look dull most of the time.  We argue a bit here and there, but always end on a good note.

If the only outcome is to have created a very happy, very healthy, horse, it’s more than enough.

I’m not getting any younger.  Probably getting sort of old, as compared to many young, spry, and never-exhausted-with-worn-out-tendonds-and-asthmatic-lungs twenty somethings.

Poll twist

Very grateful for this horse.  This chance to train with her from the start.  This opportunity to write about it here and share our little putt-putt story from scratch.

Where we’ll end up I have no idea.  But we’ll do it while having the very best time together, always keeping the FUN in it.  THAT, I’m sure of.

Thank you for checking in with us. Stay tuned after next weekend for how it all went at the show.

If I can do this, so can you.