Interrupting The Regular Programming For A Concussion

It’s not about If, it’s about When.

First real injury by the young horse.

Ignoring the blue toe, the rope burn, the tweaked shoulder.  Minor day-to-day stuff.

This time stuck indoors with a really bad head and neck.  And I wasn’t even on.  Something about an electric fence, horse, and me in between.

She flung me up through the air, hard onto the ground.  All I could think right after was, – “Wow, that was some real horsepower.”

Valiosa, coming up snorting and prancing around the lump sitting on the ground.

A bit of a break in the routine.

In the meantime, I have my crew step in to help.

My Three Super Men
My Three Super Men

From Sunday’s lake bottom hike at the dried out Folsom Lake. That bridge faintly sticking up in the background, usually many feet under water.

Still holding out for the dressage show this weekend…

17 thoughts on “Interrupting The Regular Programming For A Concussion

    1. I’m still on the couch 😦 This weekend’s show is canceled. I’m recovering as safe as can with my big, loud, family who likes to throw balls indoors and run around banging on metal sticks randomly. (Seriously!!? And that’s just a normal after school day… Haha)


    1. Hi Nan!! Fun to hear from you – the boys ARE growing up. Oldest finally taller than me, and so proud of it. Hope to get back to normal, soon! If you plan on heading up to Tahoe again you MUST let me know 🙂


  1. So sorry, Elinor. It is amazing how quickly things can go so badly wrong. Horses are so much bigger and stronger than we think. I’m glad you will recover; just give yourself plenty of time so that you make a complete recovery with no after effects. Valiosa and the others will miss you but they will be fine until you return to your normal riding routine. YOU, however, have to have whatever time it takes to be whole again. Be kind to yourself. Hugs, Edie

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    1. Really appreciate it! Yeah, where on earth did THIS come from? That was not in the plans!! 😉 I think my back hurts almost as much now from being scrunched up staying still. I’ll have to live voraciously through other’s experiences for a while 🙂


      1. So hard to be put on Time Out! But this too shall pass and be in your rear view mirror before you know it. Take this time to dream of the future, meditate on the present, and learn from the past. Rest. Heal. Pretend you are a horse that has to rehab and be a good owner for yourself: make sure you do your rehab thoroughly and don’t start working too soon and set yourself back. Seriously. You MUST take this injury seriously and heal it correctly, and then you will be just fine and bouncing around quite soon. But I know it doesn’t feel like soon…So sorry for this time but I hope there will be some sort of silver lining somewhere in this.


        1. Trying very hard to stay calm and not do much of anything. Crafting today, with more or less success. Got a little crazy with the glue… Perhaps I’ll post the results later.
          Head hurts more than I was planning on (but really, who plans on having an ouchy head?!)
          I will take your advice – looking for the silver lining. There always is one! Tomorrow morning, I’ll don some earplugs (too much noice and I’m out.) and go down to the show to view my two classes. It will be educational. Something good will happen, I just know it! If anything, with Valiosa so young, she’s just as good getting extra time off and relaxing again.
          Hope you’re getting riding time in, and enjoying it!


  2. You need to become a fiction writer so you can make up some really heroic story about how this happened to you. Maybe in that forced spare time you’re spending slothing about the house… 😉


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