Walking without moving

He had perfected that way of walking up the stairs, with the upper body completely motionless.

Absolutely no waste of energy there.  Very still.  I wondered why I even noticed it.

Walking around the same way now.  To protect the noggin from any more shaking about.  Hopefully it heals up very quick.  How about, tomorrow?

With this thing going viral:

Dressage Goals

– There’s way more fun (?) stuff to look forward to!

Valiosa won’t be strutting about at Sunday’s show since her rider is out of commission.  Hoping to be able to drive down anyway and watch from the sidelines.

Could turn out to be a really fun morning after all!

My friend sent me this from Valiosa’s paddock.  Miss her so much!

hot wireThat hot wire in front – Yeah, don’t touch that…

Check back in here Saturday night for an incredibly scientific look at Show Ribbon Colors!  (Recovering from a blow to the head; anything with grids + colors look scientific and incredible.)


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