Ribbon Colors

Horse Show Placement and Ribbon Color Confusion.

A handy-dandy chart for deciphering International ribbon colors as promised.

If in the U.S. or Australia, the Blue ribbon is reserved for 1st place.  In Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain, you go with the Red.

The rest, simply just too confusing to memorize on the first try:

Prize Ribbon Colors
Australia Canada Czech
Netherlands New
Norway Sweden U.K. United
1st blue red yellow orange red red blue white blue, yellow red blue gold 1st
2nd red blue white red blue red blue blue red silver 2nd
3rd white white red white yellow blue yellow yellow yellow bronze 3rd
4th green yellow blue blue green green red green white blue 4th
5th yellow green green green pink yellow green pink pink red 5th
6th brown pink violet pink purple white purple green green 6th
7th purple any other pale green purple orange 7th
8th brown tan brown violet 8th
9th orange brown gray 9th
10th mauve gray lt. blue 10th

I made a simplified chart below which makes it all completely clear, no?

Blue or Red tops the charts for 1st place, with the White Ribbon indicating you weren’t worthy of any color at all in either 3rd or 4th place.

Placing United States Canada Britain Australia
1 Blue Red Red Blue
2 Red Blue Blue Red
3 Yellow White Yellow White
4 White Yellow Green Green
5 Pink Green Pink Yellow
6 Green Pink Purple Brown
7 Purple Brown Pale Green *
8 Brown Maroon Tan *
9 Gray Gray Brown *
10 Pale Blue  Mauve  Gray

Pink is usually forced upon 5th or 6th place, perhaps the thought there was to reserve it for spoiled Barbie-Pony-Brats.  Bonus points to the countries staying true to the game by ignoring the pink ribbons.

In countries where everyone-must-be-a-winner, there’s a grand total of 10 deep ribbon colors.  The rest keep it real with only 5, possibly 6, placements deep.

Green, always a classic on Chestnuts, handed out by all countries, while only the U.K. has gone absolutely wild and crazy by including a, you guessed it, Tan colored ribbon in the line up!

The dreaded Manure Brown color, festooned upon the 8th place suckers in both Canada and the U.S, can’t possibly be anyones favorite.  Australia schleps it on the 6th place winner and calls it the day already with no more ribbons.

My ribbon of choice – the No-Color Worthy ones.

So pretty - in a sort of Funeral Theme way
So pretty – in a sort of Funeral Theme way


7 thoughts on “Ribbon Colors

  1. What a great list! When Americans come up here and win the second place blue ribbon, they still want a photo…as long as no one can read it. 😀
    I like the worthy ribbons as well. they standout so nicely on a horse’s bridle. 😉

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    1. Oh, didn’t think of that – yes, I bet it’s good for business 😉 !

      White goes with everything doesnt it?! Perhaps less good once the horse has greyed out even more and ends up sort of dirty looking next to the bright white…


    1. Then again, Manure Brown at a very Large show is still honorable!
      Yet brown… 🙂
      I think ribbons look best strung up in a tack room. But they often get sort of dusty. Cool display is to have a large, clear, glass vase filled with them. All blue, or whichever your 1st place color.
      (Nope, I don’t have this!)
      I’ve seen a really classy thing with nicely finished wooden board slats on the wall, with the ribbons on it.
      Then again, doesn’t work if you’ve accumulated boxes of them.


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