Men In Bibs

The construction workers were building a mass grave, so traffic had to be rerouted around the cavernous hole.

Late again.

But managed to make it down to the show in Wilton right as Training Level Test 1 started.  Sitting on the sidelines, in the popcorn gallery, with a very achy head.

It’s really good, to spend some time and watch your tests ridden, over an over again.  Really takes the edge off, and very laid back – since there are no show details to worry about.  Experience that can’t be gained on YouTube.

Here’s Renee, and her Zorro.


Zorro is yet another Andalusian cross.  They did great in both tests!  Clearly some breed preference there, but I think he’s awesome!

Watch many tests ridden + see the same mistakes several times + realize Valiosa and I are facing exactly the same stuff at home = super motivation to be able to get back on, soon!

And now, as the title says, I give you; Men In Bibs.

men in bibs

The finest Swedish-American fathers in the area.

I’ll just blame the concussion for their appearance here on the blog.


4 thoughts on “Men In Bibs

  1. I think Zorro probably did great because he had to prove he was better than that girl-y pink whip. I’m assuming he’s a he–can’t imagine naming a mare Zorro but you never know. Those bibs are making me crave lobster…


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