Adding Crystals To Dressage Boots

Presenting: The Ariat V Sport Tall Zip Boots with Swarovski crystals added.

Yes, it can be done.

Ariat V sport with Swarovski

The overall success, of course, depends on the jewelry adhesive, and how much rough housing they’ll have to go through.

Designated as Schooling Show boots for 2016, I’ll let you know how they it turns out.  (Or how  it, um, falls out.)

Previous review, the Ariat® V Sport Zip Tall Boot Review, has been wildly popular.  Of course it’s only fair to share their update here.

The blue tops, still blue.  Just one time with black polish made them a bit darker.  Outdoor is clearer –

boot tops with bling

Never know what’ll happen when stuck in the house with an injury.  Just one more little gem away from Flashy Western Swagger, which must, in Dressage Universe, be avoided at all cost.  Sequin allergy.

adding your own bling to boots

Perhaps a sin?  How exciting!


20 thoughts on “Adding Crystals To Dressage Boots

  1. FUN! Why not? I’m glad you are amusing yourself. Now it’s time to bling up a saddle pad for Valiosa! Finn has a black one with black sequins around the edge, very subdued sparkle but I like it.


    1. Blushing, I sort of DID a saddle pad already. (I do extremely bad with house-lockdown.) It should not be viewed too up close Hehe. If we EVER get to a show soon (Looks like March is first Opportunity…) I’ll be shamelessly flagging it.

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    1. Alli! That’s perfect! Thank you!
      Did some sleuthing around other various articles, more or less scientific, then went for the E6000. I’ll be reading up!
      But seriously, I’m not too sure I’ll dive in too deep. Leather is pretty much perfect on its own…


    1. OK, you’ll have to let us all in on it – what’s a Bling night? Every one going a bit overdrive with the glue, or actually a dressage Bling purchase party? I’m standing by 🙂


  2. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS. Do you think I can do it to a pair of Ariat Maestros? I’m going to shell out to have a zipper put in and that would just make them PERRRRRRRRRRRRFECTTTT


    1. Grinning. Yeah, you can do it to your heart’s content. (Purple stones for you perhaps. And ONLY with real Swarovski or it’s tacky.) Who wants to live in sin alone?

      One thing to think about is that leather is much harder to get the right adhesive for than “man made” material. On the Volants, the “perforated leather” somehow seems a bit more grippy than the blue tops, which is a smooth leather. That’s why I put the crystals there. If you’re an equipment abuser like me, definitely reserve it for show wear.

      Check out Alli’s link in the comments above – the ultimate guide to the right glue! And yes, I want to see the results if you do it! 🙂


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