Back in the saddle

Just a bit.  Crankier than ever.

Careful with the head!

Valiosa September 2015

Missed her a lot!  She did not miraculously transform to be a wonderfully free-flowing, supple and forward Beast during her rest time.

Instead, sweaty in the beginning winter coat and mostly looking for grooming, attention, and a left over cookie in the pocket.

Always happy

Earlier this week,  95 degrees (35 C).  Come on!  Keep waiting for fall.  (Can’t the silly flies just die soon?)

On a good note, the tripping is gone!  Apparently she’s not made for bell boots.  So, not buying any more of those.

But these schooling boots – officially reached their expiration date…  Who’d ever show those online?  Atrocious.

worn out schooling boots

OK, have a wonderful riding weekend!  Don’t get a concussion.  Wear a helmet when turning out your horse.

This Sunday morning – working at the Foothills Fall Classic Dressage Show.  Come and say Hi!


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