Mirrors, who needs mirrors?

Really, THIS is why we need arena mirrors.

Friend comes out and snaps some shots of the beginnings of teaching turn on the forehand.

Turn on the forehand

Some serious creepy contortions show up.  It’s necessary to lean and tweak like that, really?  Sort of felt almost straight.

Then, some less crooked but pedestrian trotting.

slow trot



Oh, and, square halts don’t really count if the hind is a foot and a half inside the track…

not square halt

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween tonight!

Plenty of scary things to cringe about over here.  Mirrors would be nice.  Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Mirrors, who needs mirrors?

  1. It always amazes me how what feels like my perfect position is, in reality, a twisted wreck .And it becomes painfully obvious with each riding lesson. On the up side, I will never be bored thinking I have achieved mastery…


    1. That’s the infatuation of this whole thing, isn’t it!? Think I’ve sort of mastered something, then trying it on a different horse, and it’s back to complete scrambling again!


  2. I love having mirrors! I’ve been after my trainer to put more in, but even still just having 2 in the corners on the short side really help! When learning straightness, it’s impossible to get a ‘feel’ without seeing the actual track of the feet. Also, I love them for teaching lateral work… it’s so much easier to understand what 3 tracks vs. 2 tracks looks like when you can see all 4 legs in the mirror… I would never be able to ride a straight line without having practiced in front of mirrors haha

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    1. Agreed! For Real straightness, it is a must, both for horse and rider! I muddle on. (Grumbling…) What I’d really love them for right now, is to see so that I do not collapse at the ribcage, sort of “helping” to turn, peek at her bit contact to see that she’s soft and solid there (She is feeling increasingly so.) and to see how badly the hind is, or is not, tracking right behind the shoulders.

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