How to pencil in an easy rest day

In case you’re wondering, you’re not the only one not improving very much right now.

Came in to the barn ready to ride after a couple of days off, tagged to continue some training.  Surely we were ready to have a successful day and actually move forward, learn something new, feel like something got accomplished?!

It was not to be.  New shoes last week.  One was missing on Monday morning.  Valiosa, tripoding around.

Young horses, why plan in a bunch of rest days.  They create them just fine themselves.  Several in a row.  Haven’t been on since Friday.

Some easy free walking around the arena with the tripod, perhaps some jogging, seemed good.


canter transition

We took it really easy.

Valiosa 4 years

free lunge November

Getting back on, today.

November 2015

Rhythm, Relaxation.  Submission.  Ain’t no time for that.


2 thoughts on “How to pencil in an easy rest day

  1. Wonderful pictures Elinor! Horses are just the best at expressing Joy-In-Motion! Born to run, one can see the happiness and excitement they feel from cantering really, really fast for a while. Nice post-rainy-weather-accumulated-tension-freeing buck and speed-run from Valiosa there!

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    1. Oh Thank You!! She’s such a little sweet puppy dog every day, it’s very freeing to see her lay it on for a bit for a change. I love to see her use her muscles and power. (Then I also love it that she doesn’t think about that stuff when I’m on 🙂


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