How Not To Drag An Arena

The orange tractor

The huge tractor behaved very well.

The driver had issues.

Some swerving.  Perhaps swearing.  Promise this was legal, non-intoxicated, driving.

dragged arena

Switching into second gear, and pushing the level from turtle to rabbit position, Orange Tractor and I did our best.  Nobody got hurt.

These things don’t come with brakes, instead you use the clutch to come to a stop.  Takes a bit getting used to.

Lets not get started on the crooked reverse park job at the end.  The attached drag jackknifing until I gave up.


Valiosa has been lovely.  Increasing suppleness in tiny small steps.  She’s making her right jaw more available and is just a little more steady in the contact.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the improvements, but they are there.


A couple of times with work over 4 pvc ground poles has helped a bit.  Nothing complicated, just easy and fun with the four-year old.


Ordered my cold to go away by this weekend.  If so;  new mounted pictures on Monday.  You know, since you’re extremely invested in reading about our bobbing around…  Straight necked, shoulder popping, and barrel bracing and all!



8 thoughts on “How Not To Drag An Arena

  1. Looks like C’s booty after I clipped him without cleaning him first! 😉 Looking forward to the new pictures, in all their shoulder-popping barrel-bracing glory!


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