1 Year with Valiosa

Today – 1 full year since Valiosa came! 

Want to take a quick review with me?  There is one particular photo I’ve been looking forward to sharing for a whole year. The one from the first day, of course!

There she is, just arrived at Blue Horse Farm, a brave 3-year old.

Valiosa, fresh off the trailer
Valiosa, fresh off the trailer

A few weeks earlier, looking sweet enough at her breeder, below.  It wasn’t exactly a cake walk from the beginning.  (And then again, if it was all easy, why would this be so much fun any way?)

Starting from scratch with an unhandled horse, no cake mix in a box…

Having a bite

Taking her home involved her first running straight on top of me out of the stall, breaking away twice, cantering around the rows of stalls with stallions.  Once finally home, ending up living in the filthy shipping halter for two weeks while learning how to be reliably caught in pasture.

Valiosa on grass Apologies for the biggest photo bomb you never wanted to see.  Really don’t care.  It’s been such a wonderful first year with her – it had to be documented some way!

Just hit scroll, it’ll be over quick!At the grass field

Besides, not endless pictures of everything we did, just a few favorites from when someone was actually around to take a shot.

In December – some hand walking alone on trails all tacked up.

Crossing bridge

Lunging in the open arena.

Pocket Pony

Christmas ride, no steering.  The fabulous handwalker ditched us at the parking lot.

Getting to the parking lot

February – spending a month at Dorado Andaluz living with other Andalusian mares in pasture.  Next to Fenix/Gumer, stallion, here.  (Wish I could go back!!!)

Riding, sort of, at Dorado Andaluz.

Dorado ride 2

Spending some really good days with my boys back home.

March, awkward rides, where she’d sometimes leave the arena.

not running out of the arena

Many short trailer outings with my friend Nancy.  She loads and travels like a pro now.

valiosa at nancy's

And countless trail walks on her own.

Easter Trail Ride

May.  Thinking she’s All ‘Dat.

Enough with the rodeo already

Bit of road walking.  Even early morning, that’s too gnarly here with traffic…

Road Riding

June – That awkward ride to the vet’s office for an ultrasound.  When someone was sort of faking a pregnancy.  Not me.


July, a month spent living at Raise The Bar Farm.  And experiencing training in an arena with a rail.

Valiosa, Raise The Bar Farm

August – Moving in to Twisted Oak Ranch.

September – Going to her very first show.  And taking home a Blue Ribbon at Intro Level!

Valiosas first show

October –  Taking a short break from any type of progress after giving me a concussion in pasture.

Dressage Goals

November – Well on her way to grow up

Valiosa November


Trying very hard not to mess up.  Doing the training on your own, that’s pretty much an oxymoron.

She’s a very forgiving little 4-year old.  Come back and see us fumble some more!


26 thoughts on “1 Year with Valiosa

  1. Happy one year anniversary to you and Valiosa! Beautiful girl. I loved the pictures and captions to go with them! Always a great read. Congratulations to you both. P.s. you have a Dal Pal? We always had dalmatians on my mother’s farm Mockingbird Hill Farm, when my Tucker dog passes I think we will be adding one.

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    1. Thank you!
      Yep, I have two Dalmatians, although only one comes with me to the farm each day.
      Great dogs, this is our third! However, they DO take a very special owner. Golden Retreivers they are not. Nor are they like any sort of Terrier, or like the Aussie Shepherds… I’ve spent a lot of time training my youngest, now 5 years old, and he STILL does as he pleases 😉 Go to a REPUTABLE breeder, best chance to get a solid mind on them. Many breeders will let you semi-adopt one that isn’t showring material. That’s what we did and it as worked great! (The first one, not so much)


    1. It really HAS been a fun first year with her. Now, I want to hear about you and Finn! My own training is going SO slow, so I must live voraciously throuh others that actually are at the upper level 😉


    1. Åh, tack Lotta!!! Jag är så glad att du tittar in till Valiosa och mig! Många av bilderna är bara från min telefon. De lite finare är oftast från Skyler.
      Jag känner att jag behöver göra ett litet upplägg om honom en dag…


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