How About Some Swedish Bling?

Introducing Equito!

My latest Dressage On A Dime Tip!

Based out of Lund, Sweden, they carry products for the Horse Lifestyle, as well as two departments for both rider and horse.

Love their own Equito belts, saddle pads, and browbands!  (I want a belt!)

Crystal U Shaped Browband

This will be put away as show browband for us.  You know, completely necessary since we’re frequent fliers on the circuit.  (Read; Once so far.  At Intro Level.  Yes, we sure are players.)


Valiosa got the Silver and Black Swarovski Crystal browband.  It is U- shaped, with a gentle drop.  She has a Cob Sized head with and Iberian forehead, and fit really well in the Full Sized browband.  For a Warmblood,  definitely go with the X-Full Size.

Equito browband

Been there, done that, with Clinchers, Links, Colored Beads, or Pearls?  Looking for some high voltage shimmer at a Dressage On A Dime price?  This might just be for you!


Find Equito here.

Paying with PayPal worked well.  Shipping was fast, reasonably priced, and here’s the kicker, you don’t pay VAT on these products.


13 thoughts on “How About Some Swedish Bling?

  1. LOVE IT! Finn wears his crystal brow band every single day. Why not? I’m sure it helps him work better 🙂 I also wear my (slightly) blingy gloves every day. Things are meant to be enjoyed. Valiosa looks absolutely stunning in her brow band. I’m going to look at this site right now. Especially since I should be doing something else and not shopping 🙂

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    1. Shopping first, chores later 😉
      I know you like green in the show ring – haven’t seen a green one on their site yet, but there’s also a very subdued crystal one with sort of greyish crystals. Just stunning! Would look very sophisticated on Finn.
      I think that one was a three-row band, and the one I got is 5. That’s why I didn’t pick it this time…


      1. Went to the site but everything was in Swedish (beyond my pay grade), and the prices in, what, Kroners, maybe? who knows? So I gave up. Beautiful eye candy, though. As for coat colors, my hope is that I show PSG in my grey coat next time out…we’ll see what happens.

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        1. Grey coat! It will be gorgeous!
          And I know, it’s hard to shop from webshops not yet set up for American sales, but I’ve done it many times.
          OK, as any European site, I usually do the google translate on the site page, helps a lot to understand. All measurements in CM divided by 2.5 for inches.
          And then I google the currency converter to $. Yes, in Sweden the currency is Kronor. 300 SEK is roughly $34.
          (I know, not the easiest way to shop, but oh, the possibilities…!) 😉


    1. (Haha, they DO speak English, if you wish to order something 🙂 )

      But first just click translate in your browser, and you should be able at least read a little bit I think. Then deduct about 15-20% or so for VAT from the price, and you’re there .

      I feel just as lost looking at German sites…


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