Road Rage At Its Finest

-“You guys go ahead.  It’s fine.  I’m just going to hemorrhage here on the side of the road.”

Some mornings the commute traffic to the barn is worse than others…  I let the tail go, it sped off in the vague morning light.  No one got hurt, just some coffee spilled when slamming the brakes.

Who cares about traffic when you end up having a lovely ride later any  way?


Valiosa was in a great mood.  We were on the same page here and there.  She’s so sweet, and we both try so hard!


With the Dressage On A Dime blog sneaking up on 2 years (!), and readership growing it’s soon time to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Not sure it will really make much of a difference for readers, except it will be ad free.  And of course room for even more pictures! (Some time next month you’ll have to meet one of my cute photographers who comes out once in a blue moon!)

It’s wonderful that you check in on the snail pace progress of me and this young horse!  I love to have you!  Thank you so much for coming!


As for the drive home – less dramatic.  Just absolutely starving.  Some rice crackers in a baggie saved the day.

Only some brief choking on the dissectant bag.  Oh, that’s why you don’t eat those.


8 thoughts on “Road Rage At Its Finest

  1. “Snail’s pace” is the mantra of the successful dressage trainer. We who know that don’t even think about the pace of progress when following your blog! As for the tail-gaters, my favorite happened to me again just last night. There are almost always idiot deer trying to leap across the road on my way home from the barn, especially at night. So I limit myself to 45 mph so as not to outrun my headlights. Every once in a while someone doesn’t get it and stays right on my tail. So when I have to slam on the brakes I always wonder if they’re going to be paying attention. So far, I’ve survived unscathed. It pleases me to see how they back off after noticing the reason for the sudden stop. Occasionally someone in a real hurry will speed by me in the darkness of a country night. I just say, okay, YOU go hit the deer. Fine with me. And there are always plenty of road-kill examples to prove my point.

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    1. Amazing. Makes you wonder if they ever drive that road regularly, doesn’t it… Sigh.
      I hit a deer lightly sideways once. It was running down the street, in suburbia, didn’t see it until last second, and then it did a semi suicidal jump straight AT the side of my mini van. It got away, and I still hope it made it.
      They can sure be very unpredictable in their movements…

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