Meet My Photographer

My Photographer

He rarely shows up.

Hectic writing, camping, and reading schedule.  But when he does, he’s very patient, and getting just a bit better each time.  Major improvement since last year’s summer, when he wasn’t really strong enough to hold the camera steady.


Not very passionate about horses himself, he is still my biggest cheerleader.  Listens sometimes to a horse story here and there.


He’ll take pictures of just about anything.  Our loved barn dogs, Turbo above.  Or our ultra modern barn sound system.

Ultra modern radio

He is twelve, and the kindest boy you could ever imagine.  I already have to wear heels to measure up in height.  Very grateful for my oldest son and that he will take the time to visit the barn a few days per year.

Love my family!

Me and my son


21 thoughts on “Meet My Photographer

  1. Good luck with your horses I can’t wait to go to the farm and take more pic’s! (and ride in the “club car” you’ll see, will hopefully put a photo of it in one of her posts.) Happy holidays!

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    1. Thank you Christine! I am enjoying my last years with him while he still finds me interesting. But then again, of course he has to grow up… Hugs to you and your family hope all is going fantastic with your new horse!


    1. He’s a super pre-teen! Love!

      Susan, I’ve tried to get on you blog, and for the longest time it keeps blocking me. It states it is a private site – not sure you did this intentionally?


      1. Oh no! Somehow it’s routing you back to my old site. No, my blog is not meant to be private. I think I need to comment on your blog differently (logged in under another entity). In the meantime, I would be honored for you to visit. My latest post has been pretty popular “Gift Ideas for the horse lover (under $40). 🙂 Here’s the link.


    1. It’s working but now I cannot comment and this phone won’t let me log in. Oh dear. I did read however in your comment that he is coming home from the hospital. So glad to hear it!


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