Talking To Yourself While Riding

This is hard

Just Go Forward

Both heels scrunching up along the sides.


Just Relax,

Go Forward!

The hands, too tight.

Too low, and why are they holding ON like that?

Release, FORWARD, that’s where the movement is.

Not backward, or out, which is where the elbows are going now.

And that short, scrunched up neck.

Please make it stop.

Now there is some mouth gaping.  Clearly not a good sign.

No acceptance.  No rhythm, no swinging.

Oh, and no looking down!

Trying too hard.

Move WITH the horse, elastically forward.  How hard can it be?!

Obviously very hard for you.

Get off.


Maybe you’re your worst critic too?

With Valiosa


9 thoughts on “Talking To Yourself While Riding

  1. Most definitely my own worst critic. And I do talk to myself all the time while riding, I call it focus, Star calls it chatter! Yes, I quite often speak out loud so I can remember to keep breathing! Sometimes I sing simple silly songs that help me breathe, try it, it works.

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    1. Yep, I subscribe to the singing vice as well, although I often also think about running, and then the breathing will go on autopilot no problem.
      But oh, the chatter, mostly only works whith only one rider in the ring. I’ll have to learn to pipe down soon 😉 (Envisioning riding the next show, and calling out instructions to myself in the ring, ugh!)


      1. Yes, really. I think the horse knows her owner is a bit of a ham. 😉
        OWW! check out my Mini post that I just did! It took every once of self control to not put two in the back seat and bring them home!!! 🙂

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  2. I don’t exactly talk to myself (at least, not when riding – I do a lot other times) but I talk to Galahad all the time. It’s something I do with other horses at stressful times – like cross country courses so is presumably a coping mechanism for me. With Galahad it really helped him to relax when he was just starting under saddle and now it is just a habit!


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