I’m Sorry, Real Life Friends

I’m still here.

Just in chase you’re checking in here on the blog to see what happened, wondering why it’s been so quiet.

It’s been a bit hectic for many weeks.  You have not been forgotten!  Some extra hours at the barn.  And then all the fun Christmas stuff.  I’m sure you’re just as busy too (Just not getting the horse-addiction thing.)

Even Dice got in the spirits, selling chocolate with the Boy Scouts.



Very serious business for him.

I’ve promised Nancy to keep her horses in shape during her long surgery recovery.


So we ride.  (Yey, more riding!)  Here’s Gandolf.

Gandolf November

Misty, she’s not as forward.  Here she is in hindsight.  Always easy.

Mistys Tail

(It’s always easy to know just what to do in hindsight, isn’t it?)

She has more tail than two horses combined!

When things settle down a little over here after January, I’d love to come and see you.  Until then, I’ll be at the barn!  (What’s not to love about that!)


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