California December

Ice spangled shards of grass. 



Squint a bit, pretend the falling leaves are snow flakes.  It almost works.

Please winter, stay for a while.  If I ever nag and complain about the relentless summer heat – THIS is my time.

Perhaps even more exciting is that Valiosa has felt even better under saddle than this lately. I hope it sticks, and that we can show you at end of month.

Loving everything about this season, ignoring some mud.  The horses, almost frisky, which is lovely!


This week, Dental Clinic and Vetting for the barn.  The vet will stick this little mare for height again – bet she has settled in only a smidge above 15.2.  We only go wider from here.  Both of us.

7 thoughts on “California December

  1. No way, she’s only 15.2?! I can hardly believe it. But then again, my friend’s 16.2 hand horse was playing with a 15.3 guy today and I swore they were the exact same size, so what do I know.

    How is your footing holding up with this insane weather we are having?

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    1. pretty sure. She’s not destined to get to 16 hh, that’s for sure. With the Andalusian in her, the back is wider, more well sprung in the barrel, and the “heart girth” or what ever you call it, is very deep for the size of horse. So takes up more leg 🙂
      (Seat and legs feel on her the same as on another, slab sided, gelding I rode at 16.2)
      And they tend to move around making much about themselves, so they give impression of “more horse” 🙂

      Footing is a duck pond swamp in the paddock. A sticky mudbath at all gate areas in the large pastures.
      And hardpacked, desperately in need of new sand, in the covered arena.

      All of us here in drought-land are just not all that well set up for actually having more than and inch of rain every few months or so…


      1. Seriously… the rain is messing with all kinds of things.

        I might email you a little later — I volunteered to help a venue nearby me hold a dressage schooling show next year and want to pick your brain on things ammies like us will want!


  2. As long as your legs are not hanging under the horse’s belly, that horse is the right size for you! 😉 Mine is 15-3 and a wide-body, although not quite so wide as she was a year ago thankfully. She surprised me the last couple of rides with flawless counter canters and half passes…partly because she was acting like an idiot outdoors in a still warm December–even here in Michigan. Also waiting for snow so the place doesn’t look so drab brown.

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