Ulceration In Cheeks From Sharp Points

Just like the title says, some ouchies on the inside of the cheeks on Valiosa.  Even one small cut. 

Although very hard to see and not infected in any way.

Fantastic Loomis Basin Equine were out yesterday.  Dental clinic for all.  While nothing much to get excited about, I was happy to hear that there actually was something found in her mouth that could be corrected.

She had her teeth done in February, but like many young horses, had already developed sharp points.  Not enough to cause a huge fuss, and no hooks of any kind, but enough for discomfort.  I’ll have to always keep an eye on her, she’ll obviously put up with a lot before complaining.

Dice thought it was an unbearable looooong day.

wanting to go home

It was a new vet team for us.  Everything worked out awesome, and many questions answered!  Just too bad I didn’t get to show Dr. Jacobs how well Valiosa has come along since just 10 months.


See, almost all grown up.

Almost all grown up

Just not in the brain department.  All sorts of new little contortions are showing up in the arena.  Spookiness.  What, seriously?  This mare is NOT spooky.

But then again, of course the faster you go, the scarier things look.  Wait, what’s that?!  A pair of stirrup leathers on that chair now!!  Push the ejection seat button.  Launch body to the side before we all die!

My Three Legged Horse
My Three Legged Horse

Lesson Day today.  Strangely, brain all put back together this morning.


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