Show Practice

Dressage with the green horse is so easy.

With no way to get off the property for months, (Hello, come and pick us up!) we continue practicing at home.  With varying success.

At A Enter Working Tranter.

X, Halt, Spook.

At C, Turn Left

H-X-F  Extinguish Trot.

A Transition to dead walk

K Jigg on a loose rein across the diagonal, monster at M

This is all going so well.  We’re doing fantastic, how about you?



11 thoughts on “Show Practice

  1. Carl Hester and the over 18 hh Hanoverian Nip Tuck just won GP Freestyle at Olympia, London, their biggest win so far – see the perfect entry in passage, a perfect halt, and…one (mis)step backwards before proceeding forward…followed by near highest difficulty level possible at all GP movements, and a close to ideal performance, then a perfect end halt, followed by “shy to the right” (at applause ) – so even the best do it, they are not robots! —

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