Return Of The Littlest Scandinavian Horse Trainer!

This week, he’ll be back.

Flaring temper and all.  There’s no arguing, he knows whats right and what’s not.  Difficult to please, with the patience of a stingray, I know barn time must be extremely time efficient while he is there.

When all is right though, he’s the most wonderful boy!  This here is from January, when he led me, a silly little blue crop, and my way-too-green-mare out on the trails.  We both had to put all our trust in him.

Valiosa with my son

Valiosa really likes him – high energy, skittish little body, and all.


They mostly meet at Holidays, like here last month, at Thanksgiving.

Family Time

Thought it would be fun to try some desensitizing practice with Valiosa.  (We might scratch this as I have bizarre tendonitis in both elbows now, with pain and difficulty lifting the coffee cup.  Say what!!?)

Working on convincing him that it’s completely acceptable to wave with some swirly Dollar Store pompoms and other twirly things in the arena while I ride.

He’s not convinced.  It’s simply beneath him.  We’ll see what we can do.

Love my 10-year old!


6 thoughts on “Return Of The Littlest Scandinavian Horse Trainer!

  1. You probably need to make the waving of things more masculine. Like, uh… water pistols he can quick draw and squirt you with. Or, joust you from the ground with a pool wand.

    Although, on second thought, those may be over the top types of desensitization things. Just give him a stick with two plastic bags tied on the ends and tell him to practice sword play, or pole fighting, at one end of the arena ( 🙂

    Elbow tendonitis sucks. I hope yours heals up fast!

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