1 year under saddle – Merry Christmas To All!

Time for a quick Christmas Summary!

Only a scant year since crawling up on her back.  She’s become a wonderful horse!  This previous post  , from last month, on her first year was a huge hit  (Thank you for reading!!). 

Here’s the shorter follow-up on her 1-year progression under saddle.

The skinny on where it all started out:

Slim Shady, standing up.

Valiosa, first week

Valiosa during her first week, as a 3-year old.

A bit of just hanging out, on the ground and in terrain.

Valiosa, Traylor Ranch

And she had to endure that unflattering chest strip clip…  (Unclear how this was part of my backing process, but I like how lost she looks here.)

Valiosa December 2014


Since this is our official Christmas 2015 Post, find the Christmas 2014 Post Here

Valiosa lunging April


One of the earlier rides in March
One of the earlier rides in March


November 2015


Valiosa December


December 2015


December 2015 Canter

Santa came early.  (Thank you for replacing the skinny straight reindeer with this one!)


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