Namedropping Horse People

Weather wane

Any horse person with any prior contact with a big-name-in-the-horse-world, must tell you their story.

Regardless if they rode and  worked for them, did a clinic, attended some online workshops, or another more vague semi-over inflated interaction.

And, then, the name drop.  Cool like that.

noun: name-dropping; noun: namedropping
The practice of casually mentioning the names of famous people one knows or claims to know in order to impress others.

Showing my versatility in the horse world, I’ll join in today, too.  Completely random, which makes it just as authentic.

Matthias Rath, Ulla Salzgeber, Bla bla bla, Isabell Werth Bla bla bla.  Helen Langehanenberg, David Hasselhof, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz, Bla bla.  George Costanza.

It just went downhill right there.  Namedropping, usually a fairly transparent activity, isn’t it?



Sorry, so stingy.  Someone obviously had too much paint thinner today.



11 thoughts on “Namedropping Horse People

  1. You have gotten to work with some very talented horsemen and women! I am envious… which is why I think people like to name drop. I appreciate your tongue in cheek words 😉

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    1. No! No! Haha! Stop!!
      I have NOT worked with those people closely. (I wish)
      That was the whole point. Only remotely small contact with them. You know like some people; A friend of a friend working with them. Or watching them on YouTube haha. And then one just name drops like that as if you were something 😉


  2. Costanzo is my favorite. By far the best. 😉

    I can only name drop one. And when I have name dropped, it’s because I was so amazed at how much the very few lessons helped. Like blown away. I want everyone to experience that too. Maybe not blown away, but felt someone helped them a great deal in a short period of time.

    What I don’t like are people that imply they’ve ridden several times with someone, only to find out they had like 2 lessons 10 years ago. Seems like false advertising.

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  3. LOL. I get that with other photographers. “I just finished shooting bla bla bla” sadly I’m terrible with names so it doesn’t have the desired effect. But a horse I remember. “The one with the diamond blaze, right.” Or “is that the rider who sticks her tongue out?” 😀

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