Tack Room Chandelier

How about a quick and easy brass chandelier makeover?

No need to get picky and overly careful with the redo – it’s going in a tack room after all!  (That’s my style of crafting, or for the chicken coop, where no one really cares how it holds up!)

We already know what happens when I’m on house arrest due to injuries.  (Remember the Bling Boots.)   Happens often to me, with various unexpected body parts getting very painful.

This time, both elbow joints refused to do any barn work heavier than picking up a cup of tea.  Really, you’re pretty useless in the barn then, right?…  Glue gun time!  Or something!  Anything but sitting around please.

Perfect time to make a Dressage On A Dime styled tack room chandelier.

The chandelier started out very sad-looking, definitely long past its prime.  No original “Before” picture.

Imagine something like this, below, only much more worn, and with its trunk made of cracked wood instead of brass.

brass chandelier

1     Nip off old electric candle holders and strip off cords.

2     Spray paint.  No priming, that’s too fussy.  7 sessions with 1 day drying time in between, turning the little octopus a bit each time.  Much quicker if you don’t do this during Monsoon season when everything stays damp.

3     Hang “crystals” the way you like them.  Create something to hang them with by wrapping wire.  Ignore irregularities, no perfection needed.

4.  Wrap silver Christmas beads through the hanging chain.

tack room chandelier

5     The “candle holder” cups will be guaranteed to have something sticking up in them so the candles won’t sit flat.  If you’re lucky, pinch them off with a tool.  In my case, I had to rig them by wrapping a ring of aluminum foil to create a sort of base.

6     Glue on recycled tea light holders to hold battery votive candles with a timer.

Isn’t she pretty?  Hang up, and watch the thing get covered in spider webs before spring!

chrystal chandelier

Because every tack room deserves a little sparkle!


25 thoughts on “Tack Room Chandelier

    1. Yes! Any fun created from painful times is always good! 🙂
      By the way, think you may be going to Dressage in Wine Country in June in Sonoma? I’m thinking about taking a little trip and sitting down to see what’s going on there!


  1. Every tack room should have a chandelier. Love it! North Pole temperatures and no riding has pushed me into crocheting. One how-to video and a week later, I have three infinity scarves. 🙂

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    1. Secretively wanted one for my closet. But no one goes in there, really, except my dogs and me. OK, and hubby. And, it’s filled with dirty barn clothes, and dirty running clothes, comfy house clothes etc.
      This is just so much better in the tack room!

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    1. ALWAYS curious! Once, long before I went back to horses from my teenage days, I was really hooked on interior design. Still am, but most of my time and energy is spent on other stuff, so it doesn’t really have and outlet any more. Anyhow, I LOVE looking at details in other barns now. Fresh ideas are always inspiring.
      Really love these wagon wheels with lights long them! Someone did some thinking there. So nice!

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