Is That A Chicken In Your Bathtub –

Or are you just happy to see me?

Makes no sense at all, I know.  But there she is.

bathtub chicken
Sometimes very few things make much sense.

The last ride’s progress was equal to covering oneself in pig lard and rolling in a deep bedded stall.  I’m behind on all volunteer work for my kids’ extracurriculars.  A hen resides in one of the guest bathrooms.

On the mend after having half her skull picked out by her friend who suddenly went postal, she can’t go back to her flock.  Things got ugly, postal chicken is dead, somehow I’m stuck with sweet Miss Chirpy healing her bloodied cauliflower indoors.

With visitors later in the week, this is extra stressful.  It’s not acceptable living conditions.  My sister is coming from Sweden – hopefully too jet lagged to really care much.

Yep, I do have a sis.  Here she is, reviving some horse love in Los Angeles before coming up here and getting an overdose of horses.IMG_4154

Tomorrow, Valiosa will be just as lovely as always again!  We’ll just leave the Trot-Canter transitions alone for a day.



15 thoughts on “Is That A Chicken In Your Bathtub –

    1. I’m glad you think so. There’s a lot of anxiety over this chicken.

      Husband wants her out, be she, herself, has decided she’s the Water Closet Queen now and gets very upset during her “grass N fresh air” hour.
      Sigh. Happy New Year to you too Frank!!


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