The new fleece top bell boots, still safe in their plastic package bag. 

For weeks on end.  They seem too clean to put on, with grounds covered in winter mud…  Which is exactly why they should be on, but somehow they’ve still stayed in their bag.

velcro fleece bell boots

Two days, and they’ll look worse than this.fleece top velcro bell boots

Soon any winter rains will be over, and we’ll be back in the drought, probably bell boot free.


Tacking up, she thinks we need to do some hugging first.  Yep, every time now.


Not sure why this is necessary and who’s idea it was, but why would I say no?


16 thoughts on “Fleeceboots

  1. I have owned two mares who did this before bridling. I LOVED it. Enjoy it. It’s a sweet pause, a respite before the work, a chance to say, yes, we love each other and enjoy being together. Just breathe her in and let her breathe you in. Lovely.

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    1. Hehe, that’s how this all started!
      She’s quite busy. Not all that fussy. Just, busy. And she had this habit of really just wanting to leave.
      Backwards. Sideways. Anywhere.
      Then, we just ended up with this. ..

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  2. My daughters have the hug and kiss routine for every horse during tack-up. This translates into each horse having three hugs before doing anything. 🙂

    The bell boots, you just wanted to keep them clean. 🙂

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