Riding With Helicopters

Loomis Basin Horsemanship Arena

An outing to Loomis Basin Horsemanship Arena –

With helicopter proofing!  You know, just in case it was on my desensitizing list to ride Valiosa with a helicopter 30 ft above, landing right next to us on the baseball diamond (It wasn’t.)

She did really well, some bucks and a levade once it was all over, just to make a point.

Liz at the trailer
Liz at the trailer, long before the Spaceship, I mean, helicopter, buzzed in.

After a short stint of bracy non-dressage in the arena, a quick trail loop in the foresty area below.  Just her and I.  Back out on a trail since I don’t know how longShe was a star!

At the trailer
Brave Grey Mare at the trailer.


8 thoughts on “Riding With Helicopters

    1. The sheriff’s department!! They were doing an exhibit for teenagers on the field right next to us.
      A nice little entrance with circling above us. Capped off by taking off at the end and sounding the siren. Twice. Woot woot! Good times. And my young horse is a saint!


  1. The siren, too? What kind of idiots are they? I guess they also wanted to demonstrate their emergency medicine skills? I’m grateful your horses were so sensible. Extra carrots for them!


  2. A very brave grey mare indeed. Calls for a tasty treat, or two, for the horse and rider. 🙂

    We occasionally have helicopters (mostly military) fly overhead where we stable the horses. Most of the time (99.9%) we hear very little from them. The 0.01% when they do fly low, we’ve been given notice of the low overflight.

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