Gorgeous Week!

It’s no secret the cold season is my favorite time of the year.

Everything around the barn feels easier when it doesn’t have to be done while soaking in sweat.

The mud, yeah, everybody has to deal with that.  For us, it just means that this here, walking on the lake bottom (below) a few months ago, is no longer.

Dried out lake

The lake is full!

California Winter
I swear this winter sunset was SO much more beautiful in real life.

With winter mud comes winter abscesses.  Poor Gandolf, Nancy’s horse, is recovering from one in the barn and hasn’t been in regular work for some time.  Instead, I ride Misty a bit.  Of course it’s not the same.


Miss Valiosa, my no-jump-grey-mare, had a short easy-breezy workout this morning, and did her very first jump in canter with me for fun.  It was enormous.


Earlier attempts either on the lunge or free have only made her anxious, so we just did it together under saddle instead.  She’s such a good girl, doing it on the first try.


Stop by on Sunday – time for a Dressage On A Dime tip!

14 thoughts on “Gorgeous Week!

    1. I love it that you are such an awesome cheerleader! Now, keeping things in check, we got over the jump a few times in trot, and then both ways in canter. Upon which I screamed – “Thank you awesome baby Unicorn for doing that just for me”, and then called it the day.
      So, not exactly George Morris level jumping, but I loved her little heart out that she tried it. Just for me 🙂
      Wondering if I can pull my kid out of school and have him take a pic of this… Probably unethical 😉 Maybe spring break.

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      1. I LOVE IT!!! Especially the “awesome baby unicorn” stuff! I am laughing at the computer here. Keep it up, I know she loves this. The jumping and the praise and your excitement over it all! Mares groove on that stuff (geldings too, but mares really dig the relational stuff). Got to go, we are off for a week’s vacation with family, you won’t be hearing from me….

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    1. I love that!
      To add variety, and some gymnastics, I thought it would be a great idea for me and this young mare to do some free jumping, but so far, with the extremely limited supplies (Some 4 pieces including a plastic chair, and no helpers.) it has not been a very pedagogic set-up for her.
      She’ll rush, jump some sort of cow jump, and then try to kill her self, or her tendons, or the arena fence afterward. NOT at all how I want to create wear on her body, or tension on her mind.
      So, I manned up and just jumped her myself. Thank goodness she’s not gifted like your mare, and we just sort of floated over 😉

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    1. (Son is growling haha.) He did like your tip with sitting in a little chair though, sort of a cool beach chair look.

      As for me and Valiosa, few style points will be handed out in our little dressage saddle skip-jumps, but if can one day, I’ll post a picture!


  1. You would have enjoyed Colorado this week. Snow on Sunday and Monday, 12 inches worth plus more where we stable the horses (15-18 inches). Then, two more inches on Thursday night. Cold, cold nights. You’re right about not sweating as much – my daughters get to muck out the stalls, I get to move bales of hay.

    Cool on the jump. Perhaps you sweet Valiosa has a little hunter/jumper in her. 🙂

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    1. Sounds lovely! As long as you’ve got good gloves and the right kind of clothing 🙂

      And no, miss Valiosa is far fetched from being a full fledged jumper – there’s not much natural born technique there, I’ve seen her cow jump a couple of times in pasture 😉


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