Rubber Lined Leather Reins, On A Dime

Low priced leather reins with rubber lining – is there such a thing?


Just had to share a little Dressage On A Dime tip with you.

Black leather reins, with buckles instead of hook and loop, and a pebbled thin rubber lining.  What’s not to love?!

Rubber lined leather reins

I ordered them knowing full well they might arrive looking sort of askew, or off, or perhaps, well, cheap and crumbly.  Instead, they’re looking absolutely scrumptious and have a supple feel!

They’re from Big Dee’s and were only,

wait for it,


Big Dees Tack and Vet Supply Reins

The length is just right for me and my horse and I like their medium weight, not thick and clunky like full rubber reins.


We’ll see how they hold up.  Will they last for 5 years, or longer, or less?  Will the rubber lining crumble and fall off after months of use in extreme heat?

Who knows.  Really, at this price, you could pick up 7 of them.  I wish I had more!  (Leather addicts nodding solemnly.)

Big Dees Leather reins with rubber

Most of us will want to cut off the stoppers for the show ring.  Maybe you will, maybe not.  So risqué.

Dressage On A Dime

6 thoughts on “Rubber Lined Leather Reins, On A Dime

  1. They look cool! Great price. I wouldn’t cut off the stoppers. Shake up those judges! Of course I think a slowed down version of Back in Black by AC/DC would make a great dressage musical number. 😉

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  2. I try to do as little judge shaking as can 😉 Sometimes it feels as if it’s enough for them to watch me and the mount just enter the arena and halt, sort of askew.
    Dreaming of riding a Freestyle one day, but I’m not sure this particular mare moves at the right beat for AC/DC 😉


  3. Ooh … good price! The reason I like my Micklem reins is BECAUSE they are thick and clunky! I use a a petite braided rein with Speedy, but since Izzy can be a big handful, I like something thick and solid in my hand.


    1. But you know what? It never occurred to me to cut off the rein stops before. I am doing it! I used them for so long when I was endurance riding that it never occurred to me that I don’t need them anymore. LOL


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