So lucky!

Just can wait to get out to the barn some days!

SO happy with my little pokey mare.  Thrilled that she’s developing a bit, and that she is actually, slowly, coming along.  Although pokey…

Getting her canter to look like this, no matter how briefly, has been very hard work.

Winter canter

She’s not handing anything to me for free, – especially not the canter.  Or the trot.  Or, you know, the bend.

Yes, she has issues.  Yes, I often have to tell my self to accept her for what she is.  Yes, I never forget that this is a wonderful and fun challenge to train with her on my own.

She’s a little gem!  I know I am lucky to have her, to be at Twisted Oak Ranch, and to have good friends there.

If we go together like this, a second or two, it’s all worth it:

Valiosa Twisted Oak Ranch

The start-up plan was to make her a nice easy mare, with good scores at 2nd level.  Very ambitious on my part.  If I can do this, so can you!

Will we make it one day?  Who knows, but it’s really fun along the way!  And she’s become a wonderful friend, too.  What more could I ask!?

Thank you SO much for taking time out of your day to check in on us.

Hugs, Elinor


18 thoughts on “So lucky!

  1. pfff…. 2nd level??? What are you thinking?
    You and your little grey mare are going to go Grand Prix some day!
    Then I get to say: I told you so!

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    1. 🙂 of course I’d love for you to be right! Although I’m not sure the funds are there for that sort of training. Sure will be fun to do the work along the way though!! 🙂

      Hope your horses and baby horsie are doing great!


  2. I completely agree with you: going together for just a second or two is all worth it. I’ve been trying to get my boy, Hitch, to get his jog back. He’s got the extended and lively trot down (that’s been a challenge in it of itself) but we got the jog back for a few seconds the other day, and it was all worth it.

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        1. That’s where I am right now. Too much invested in the further success of this little mare, and fretting about it. I DO need reminders to let it take its time… Thank you. Perhaps I’ll write a post about all the stuff going on with her next week.

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  3. I’m completely convinced you will reach your goal if you keep at it with this attitude. And I think you could go further, if you want to! Remember to enjoy her and to have fun with her, varying the work (which I know you do!). She’s a beauty.

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    1. I’m glad to have a believer!
      I DO wish I could vary her work even more… I’m a firm believer in cooling off outside the arena, AND easy trail rides often, sadly none of them can happen where we are. Making the most of it, and looking forward to our next trailer outing.


      1. I feel for you. My barn also does not have access to trails. There is a short 10 minute loop you can do around a field, but that’s it. Anything else requires trailering out. No hills, either. It takes real concentration to vary the work, but at least you can be sure to do lateral emphasis one day, perhaps transitions another day, a walk day, then pole work, etc. Repetition makes for dullness and injury. Hope you can trailer out some more, too. Love your helicopter story 🙂

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        1. Yep, a lot of reasons for why I really wanted her to get to where she can pop over a little crossrail here and there on some days. – Just for fun, to add variety.
          Some days I just jog her from the ground, where she stays fairly loose and works away from a lot of the tensions she normally has.
          She stays pretty happy that way 🙂

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