Heels Up, Toes Out

That’s how we roll.

Promised an update on my offset stirrups, so here’s a brief one for you.

They’ve become fairly comfortable for me.  With arthritic ankles, they could have gone either way – either a great fit, or a source of new pain.

If you’re after experimenting with heel/toe position, they could be worth a try, maybe,but they’re not going to make a huge difference.

Coronet stirrup

If you’re like me, and most of the leg position stems from the clamping hips, there’s simply not going to be a magical change – of course.

But I do like how the left leg and foot falls now.  (Sorry, grainy video still shots, all I have for you this weekend.)

Vulture rider

Here’s the link to the post with pictures of the stirrups: Coronet Double Offset Stirrups

The right foot.  Well, yeah, it’s still doing it’s delinquent thing.  Poking straight in as soon as I apply the aid.

Coronet double offset stirrup

All day.  Every day.  Horrible.  Even when just standing still on the ground, unmounted.

toes out

So.  Forget all this and pick up a new hobby since it won’t ever be perfect, or ignore it and try to make the best of it?

Not really a tough call.


15 thoughts on “Heels Up, Toes Out

  1. It’s the left foot for me, that’s the one that sticks out like your errant right foot. And I can feel it when I do my stretches: very uneven, much harder to stretch that side. Poor horses, what they have to put up with. Stretching does seem to help some, though, so I recommend it. A limber body makes a bigger difference than the right tack, although equipment helps, too. I think you are right, however, in identifying that the problem begins up in the hips. When I relax my hips and let my leg hang, the feet tend to straighten out (that left foot not so much, though…).

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    1. Yep, and that’s where the problem stems from even more – whith a horse not completely in front of the leg, I tend to squeeze the poor little sucker unintentionally at random times.
      And then, decades of long distance running does not exactly make for a limber body 🙂


  2. Well, at least, the stirrups didn’t point your feet in odd directions. 🙂

    Only one daughter had the serious injury when she suffered a broken leg when both her and the horse slipped on a turn and fell. That was a tough time for her before climbing back on the saddle.


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