Time to create more Media Space!

Hi everyone!

This hugely popular blog, which will never reach 1000 true subscribers (Just not enough of crazies around that want to see this stuff several times per week.), is filled to the brim with horse pictures.

Something has to be done quick, or you’ll only get blurry little mini video screenshots like this.


Erasing more than half the posts and images from January-June 2014 this weekend to have some more upload space.  Just a quick heads up since I know there are several new readers who might want to see them before they’re gone.

Valiosa last week, sometimes in front of the leg now.  Briefly.

February video grab

I think I’ve started looking like a Vulture when riding.  Neck all poking out.  How flattering.



14 thoughts on “Time to create more Media Space!

  1. Just wanted to say Happy New Year a bit late. I enjoy seeing your posts and am so glad K Passa is enjoying himself with a young girl. Joyous Riding to you!!


    1. You tell me! I’m wondering sort of the same. For a while, I reformated the pictures, before uploading them to the Media Gallery, as WP is instructing. But I found they looked small and puny so decided against it.
      If you’ve got tips, other than the Premium plan, I’m all ears!
      Must be something all photographers encounter fairly soon, no?


      1. I was using Picasso (google) for a while. The free wordpress version will insert pics as urls (doesn’t appear to use WP storage space) . But then i realized i didnt post enough to fill up my wordpress storage so i quit using that. Maybe a free cloud storage service would be the answer. Dropbox gives hsers 15GB storage. Several other options. Store pics on cloud, link using urls. Will appear embeded in post. Just an idea.


        1. Not entirely super high-tech, but I’m going to assume the pictures posted as actual images in the blog, not just as URLS.
          Feeling a bit too lazy, I think I might just move up to a premium plan. This stuff should be really EASY I think. If posting pictures means I have to finagle them and spend too much time, I’d go over the on-line time limit 🙂


  2. You guys looks great! Seeing your greenie quietly accepting contact has me green with envy – last night, mine decided she wanted none of it *sigh* Today is a new day!


    1. Oh you guys will do just fine! I know she’s been with your trainer for a long time, and it will take a while for the two of you to get completely on the same page.
      At least that is how it works for me 🙂
      I think your mare is more of a race car than mine too, and that’s got to come out somehow. In the long run, it will serve her well, I’m sure!

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  3. As for the photos, a lot of the time people upload way bigger files than they need to because they upload directly from phone or camera and don’t have either the know-how or an economical application like Photoshop Elements to reformat them to something less hefty. All you need is to make sure that your resolution is no larger than 72 dpi because that’s the max a device looking at the internet can interpret anyway. If you want the photo to appear large online, you can pretty much make it as wide/tall as you like as long as you stick to the 72 dpi and keep the file size itself around 200K or less. 10-12″ wide is a pretty good size. It would be way too much work to resize all your photos and upload them all over again to WordPress, so you’re probably stuck with paying for more space. However, in the future you can make the best use of that space by making your file sizes and resolution smaller. I did a rough count and I have something like 800 photos on my blog and have only used up about 5% of the allotted free space.

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    1. Yep, reformating and reposting is out of the question, so 6 months worth of posts were cut in half.
      I just haven’t been too keen on making adjustments to each and every file that is posted. Mobile phone pics are probably OK, but the large files from the nice camera DO take up space.
      I got discouraged when I sat and fiddled with their “saved format”, reducing them in size, only to have the actual picture look sort of measly once posted. I’m sure I’m doing it wrong haha 🙂
      So, paying for a pro plan is what’s going to happen. Probably this summer!


      1. Photoshop Elements can be combined with Premiere Elements (the companion video editing program) for the grand total of $89 on Amazon. These two are all you’ll ever need to make all your stuff look great and not take up a ton of data space, quickly and easily. They have working modes for people who know absolutely nothing to those who are experts. You can resize in one click–using the “save for web” feature. How cool is that?

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