Warning: Graphic Images

Thought we’d take a look at other cute careers for Valiosa.

Posting anything on-line, any time, anywhere, you’re bound to displease someone.  Especially if you write about equestrian stuff.  It’s simply how it is.

So today, presenting some alternative activities that Miss Grey Mare could be involved in.  You know, if one happens to feel I’m failing her desperately.

Oh, so many alternate Equestrian Disciplines to pick from!  Let’s start with being an Eventing mare in Virginia.  Looks fun enough.  Although she’s not much of a jumper.

Eventing mare in Virginia

Or, more budget friendly; a Pole Bending Horse.  Schlep up some PVC pipes in the arena, grab the horn, and go pro in 90 days.

pole bending horse

Or a Barrel Racer, because then you get to add a tie down.  So user-friendly.

barrel racing with tie down

Add a cow, yanked down by its tail, a crazier shank bit, and now you’ve got a Charreria Horse.  Yay!

Charreria horse

Well who are we kidding, Valiosa would be better as a Backyard Trained Trail Horse.  Like this one.  Look, completely broke in 30 days!

Sitting behind the saddle on a thin spine protruding rump, without a bridle, just absolutely proves the training all the better.

trail horse

Here, Valiosa as a Western Reining Horse in Arizona.  Go grey horses!

Western Reining

My personal favorite, Valiosa as a deadbroke Michigan Redneck Horse.  Because standing up, with your dog, is the pinnacle of training!  I love it that the tie down is back, and the laundry detergent bottle tied to the side adds a unique feel.

redneck horse

Or she could go Royal!  Here, Prince Harry’s Polo Pony in England.  The horse stayed in the game.

Prince Harrys Polo Pony

Rodeo Horses are so pampered!  Here, Valiosa’s look-a-like, Mrs Calabash at the Wilmington, Australia Rodeo in 2015.

Australian Rodeo Horse

Or an English Race Horse.  But how inconvenient that most of them eventually end up like this…  Race hard, retiring at age 5 is considered a successful career.

English Race Horse

Valiosa as a Patagonian Gaucho Horse.

patagonian gaucho horse

Grey Bull Fighting Horses have it made!  Here is Alvaro Montes’ horse gored by a bull at the San Isidro festival in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.   (AP Photo/Paul White)

Bullfighting Horse

Another lucky one, in Seville this time.  I love it how the audience is in despair.  Attending the meticulous killing of the bull in a drawn out feast is alright.  Having to watch the horse canter to its death with the guts rapidly falling out, now that’s just too much!

bull fighting horse in Seville

Here is Valiosa at Rapa Das Bestas in Sabucedo, Spain, wrestled down by Aloitadores.  She’s just had a foal here, see the udder is full, flies have had time to settle in.  It’s a 400-year-old horse festival tradition, makes it all OK.  (AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL RIOPAMIGUEL RIOPA/AFP/GettyImages)

Rapa Das Bestas

Of course no horses are ever hurt during the Rapa Das Bestas festival,  remaining completely calm in the crowd.

Rapa das bestas stallion fight

Philippine Horse Fighting – While both stallions are Grey here, Valiosa could be the mare tied up in the middle.

philippine horse fighting

Just a little hard to decide on the winner sometimes?

phillipine horse fight

Endless possibilities for this young mare in her alternate dressage career.


22 thoughts on “Warning: Graphic Images

  1. Oh Elinor. A sick fascination kept me watching to the end, but it’s so sad, the cruelty of humanity toward animals. It was a good reminder – one I didn’t want, but it’s real and we have to remember: THIS STUFF HAPPENS. NOW. How I wish it didn’t. So glad that Valiosa has the easy life of a pampered dressage horse with you. Blessings to you both.

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    1. The sickest feel in my stomach is when people will justify it in some way (Oh, the SO many ways that can be done.), and then get irritated with others who don’t agree with them.
      I especially dislike the “it’s a tradition” excuse…

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        1. Isn’t it!? In all fairness, it’s easy to look at other cultures and feel enraged by the extrem violence they practice toward their animal, but there is usually lots of it going on in our own neighborhood, too. Tradition…

          In the U.S. for example, it is illegal do do Mexican Horse Tripping, (thank goodness.), but perfectly fine to run an old fashioned Rodeo where calfs are repeatedly snared by their necks, often snapping their legs – or causing long term neck injuries. No one just likes to talk about it. Or care.
          Or, don’t get me started, the lovely Horse Racing Industry, which pumps out horses faster than a meat grinder.

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    1. Ah yes, the quintessential broodmare. Starts out with a happy summer, ends less after foal 15. Or, no, foal 19, which is really the last one.
      That aside, I DO agree that Valiosa would probably be a most happy little mommy snuffling away with a baby. Her kind of job 🙂

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  2. These are horrific photos. Don’t need to be reminded of the ugly world. I would like to see more photos of the SRS in Gothenberg, or something inspiring. Valiosa is a magnificent horse, I can say this cuz I have sat on her. She is not pokey or pathetic. She has all the potential in the world. I don’t like the direction the blog is going with this ‘poor me’ theme. You should help inspire people with maybe some good reviews of classical horseman books and videos. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion. All the best. M

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    1. Hey, glad to see you here!!
      Yes, ugly and upsetting photos… Thank you for standing up for Valiosa, I appreciate it! She’s really got nothing to do with them and she is safe with me 🙂 Sort of a cryptic post I know.
      Hoping to be a bit more inspiring this week!

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  3. If someone doesn’t like what I write, too bad. My rule is simple: my blog, I can write whatever I want. Don’t agree, that’s okay but no need to be rude or take personal offense.

    My daughter, Tara, started as a barrel racer. She never rode with a tie-down in training. Her coach didn’t allow it … ever. In competition, she only did the one event – the one where Tara and the horse slipped – no tie-down.

    In the bullfighting images above, you didn’t mention they cut the vocal cords of the horses so the crowd won’t hear them scream when they’re gored by the bull. If they did hear, bullfighting as a sport would cease to exist.

    Spurs, my daughters only wear them as a fashion accessory. The whip, they only use it as a horsey “back scratcher” in the barn.

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    1. Refreshing!
      I like this attitude. I don’t write to provoke (way too busy to sweep up after that) but I also don’t like to write for a “target” audience who will never be offended. So, therefore the birth of the Offended Blog Reader Report. 🙂

      Had no idea about vocal cords cut. Horrid! I DO know they mutilate the bull before going in the ring to give the figthers an upper hand.

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  4. I won’t click like on this one, but it’s good that you’re pointing out all this abuse. I just wish you had the reach of a Mr. Zuckerzwerg. As with most horrid things in life, you never hear about it on the ‘comedy act’ that our TV news has become. (or internet news, for that matter)

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    1. Yes, I doubt many of us will have much of a reach, and most of the news will continue to be dumbed down news about celebrities. It’s interesting how we’ve become so incredibly connected during the past 15 years, yet the actual news appear thinned down…

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  5. Oh. My. Goodness. This made me cry!!!! This is absolutely outrageous!!! This is stupid….horses deserve our love, not abuse!!!! Thank you for posting this, Elinor….people need to have their eyes opened about horse abuse!!! It’s awful….

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    1. The saddest part is how prevalent it is. Everywhere. In all countries. More, and sometimes less, severe. And, it’s ALL defended as being “cultural”.
      I say Horse Tripping in Mexico is no worse than ripping up young horses at rodeos in the U.S.
      It happens every day, in front of young eyes, who see this, and “learn” that it is acceptable to treat animals this way…

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  6. Exactly!! Kids are being taught that animal abuse is fine!!!! And as for the rodeo bucking horses, most of those horses buck so much because they were abused, and in turn, turned against humans, the people who had been horrid to them. And don’t forget the “girth” strap strapped so tight I’d want to buck also if I were the horse. Oh, and at the Cheyenne Rodeo, (you should check our a video of their “horse breaking” online). Simply horrific!! “Breaking horses” is right, as the do really break the horses—not just their bodies, but their spirits too. It is terrible. And all this nonsense about bull fighting being a tradition, and all and how it doesn’t hurt the bull and certainly NOT the horse….how can people be SO blind with the truth staring them in the eyes?! I noticed in that one picture, with that horse galloping around the ring with it’s insides falling out…a little kid, probably 3 or 4 in the crowd, witnessing all that! It is simply HORRIFIC and TERRIBLE AND HORRIBLE.

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    1. I’ve since long given up on watching any “horse breaking” videos. They are so upsetting, performed by ignorant people who never bothered to look at the pain they’re inflicting and do some thinking around that.
      And as for the boy at the bullfighting scene – he represents everything in WHY this goes on and on, it’s just part of growing up for him. The irony of the adults looking absolutely shocked at the horse running to its death with the guts flowing out is there too – they came, and paid to see a bull gored and slowly killed, and now they’re upset they had to watch the horse too…

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  7. EXACTLY!!! What do they expect?! Some painless, “cultural” nice bull fight? Nothing such as!!!!! Oh, it’s horrible, some of the movies on YouTube about “horse breaking”…there was this one movie of this lady horse “trainer” who beat a horse with a whip (oh, and the handle of the whip too, as if the whip itself wasn’t enough) for 7 minutes straight. Some sick fascination kept me watching, and after watching it, I wanted to puke. It was horrible.

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