Bloggers In Boot Socks

In an effort to keep all readers happy, I’m declaring it an official “Posting To Please” day.

(Yes, those complaint forms from upset readers have rained in – my staff is working hard sending out care packages.)

It’s been pointed out to me that my Boot Sock Image Ratio is much too low, a reader has taken offense, and a request has been made to post more Argyle Boot Sock Images to remedy.

My supply is much too low.  I wasn’t aware of the shortage, and wish to Post To Please ASAP!

For now, I give you my best:

These are from Clarks. Super comfortable


all the piggies 1


Argyle Socks

Jaworzno, Castle Rock Farm


Morning start

Please, fellow bloggers; help by reaching out and posting images of you and your boot socks!


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