Jumping In The Dressage Saddle

Life gets interesting when we fail, because it proves that we’ve exceeded ourselves.

Not sure who said it, but love the motto!

So,  I really thought it would be fun for Grey Mare to learn to conquer some baby jumps.  We’ve failed at it together before, with small progress along the way.

This cross rail was just fine.

Checking out the cross rail

Revving the engine a bit.  Probably not a requirement, but hey, I’m in newish territory here.


This set up though, too confusing to her this time


Check back in Monday morning – I’ll have some shots of our play morning!

Such a good, level-headed young girl!

Grey mare can jump


12 thoughts on “Jumping In The Dressage Saddle

  1. beautiful light in your pictures! Can I ask: why are the horses legs ‘bandaged’ (sorry for the layman’s term) I hope it isn’t injured and you make it jump! (I know you wouldn’t..) I’ve seen this often, even on race horse at Santa Anita and always wondered if they kick themselves maybe?


    1. They’re lightweight sport boots used to prevent the horse from accidentially “brushing” itself with the hoof and nicking the skin or causing a bruise.
      In jumping, they are often made with a harder pvc like “shell” around the sides for extra protection from a flying hoof and they can be worn in competition.
      In dressage, they’re usually soft and flexible and often with a fluffy lining to keep them from rubbing and leaving any marks on the fine hairs on the legs, and in competition they may not be worn at all.

      The ones that cover more, longer portions, of the legs are Polo Wraps. They are on in some of my pictures with Valiosa.
      Mostly, they’re for looks, (which of course no one will admit to, applying all that just for vanity…) they’re really not supporting the legs like a human ACE bandage would.
      I’m such a tool at wrapping them though, so they look pretty much like a bandage, or perhaps a mummy wrap, on Valiosa 😉


        1. That’s your cue right there Frank – these animals are for you! Two sorts of people: the ones who see horses as something majestic, and,
          the ones who don’t see much other than a giant grass eater.
          If find them intriguing to no end 🙂

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  2. No jumping today, but mine went out to play in a small ring next to our indoor which had a nice pile of snow in the middle of it (the outdoor, not the indoor!). She was more than happy to trot and canter through the pile, which went up to her knees. Then she rolled in it three times. A good time had by the mare, I’d say.

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