Some Days Are Just Going To Be A Mixed Bag

A great, easy start.

Very short, relaxed, lunging session with the chambon.  It’s been a long time since I brought it out.

Then a quick test ride with the bareback pad on Valiosa for the first time.  She was very comfy, and took it all in stride, of course!

Got my ankle smashed in the gate riding out.  No fault of hers at all, but it’s worse than I first thought, and the limping messed up the rest of the day.

Barn Isle guard

Then this lovely bay draft lady, above, decided the brand new barn isle guard just had to come down.

With no effort at all, she plunged straight through it, the bales of shavings, wheelbarrow, and a trunk mounted on the side of the wall.  Let her Grey sidekick in from the pasture too.

I found her in the barn sidling up to a gelding friend.

Yes, I think she'd coming in heat

"Yes, love bites please!"
“Yes, love bites please!”

Can’t tell you how happy I was nothing else broke, other than the stall guard.  And my ankle, sort of.

It better heal up in time for a little mystery guest coming on Friday.

western dressage

That’s from our first ride last week.  Somehow we’ll be trying Western Dressage.  A first for both.  Yes, I’m feeling pretty lost there.


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