Leftover Confession


- " Really? You're absolutely SURE you have to give me a shot today?"
– ” Really? You’re absolutely SURE you have to give me a shot today?”


I sometimes make dinner so spicy my sons really don’t like it.  No one goes for thirds or seconds.

It’s the only way to get a decent amount of leftovers.  Then I bring it with me in a little plastic box to the barn.

Eating it on the way home while driving.  Mouth burning from the spices.  But hey, it’s real food and scores so much better than some dry corn tortilla with peanut butter.  (Yes, I often eat this sad combo for lunch for various reasons.)

Despicable.  I know.  I’ll pay for this.

We’re all sinners.

Valiosa, no spicy food;

shelter feed bucket


7 thoughts on “Leftover Confession

    1. Mostly very basic cooking over here 😉 Too few hours in the day to add that passion too.
      But when I DO add up on the spices, it’s usually in a Thai Curry, or with a mexican flare in a stir fry of sorts. (You can hide peppers in there 😉

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