Horse Eyes

The Colossal Squid, not the whale, has the largest eye in the animal kingdom.

Soccer ball sized.  Very appealing, it is not.

Largest Eye In The World

Of land mammals, horses take the lead in eye size.

They observe us all the time…


Late Morning light.

Walking to catch in pasture, the sun hit her eye from behind.  Making it glisten with transparency.  There was almost an extraterrestrial glow from the convex, glass like, bulge.

She looked truly alien.  Not entirely sure what she could see when looking back at me at me, I offered the halter.

She opened her mouth and said:  – “Take me to your leader.”

All I could answer was:  – “You’re already there.”

Perhaps a bit too much coffee this morning…

7 thoughts on “Horse Eyes

  1. Your conversation is truly wonderful. I can remember the times when all I can see of my black horse are two glowing orbs in the faint barn light. That could defiantly be an ET moment.


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