The Warrior Princess

Cute update to the outdoor shelter window:

Larger opening, and a frame!  She loves to keep a better eye out while eating.

window on three sided shelter

The first show for this year is not too far off.

So of course, like any self-respecting young horse, she immediately went to work ripping her face up.  For some special Show Ring Bling.

Before I had a chance to do anything about it, she managed to turn herself into a Warrior Princess.  Complete with reddish scars in all sorts of unflattering places on the head.

Such as above the eye.  And all around the nostrils and lips.

She looks half abused.  Or perhaps like a promiscuous call girl in an unfortunate herpes outbreak.

Go Grey Mare!  (And heal up soon!)

grey mare

10 thoughts on “The Warrior Princess

  1. LOL I shouldn’t laugh, but you write it so amusingly. Of course just before a show. It always happens. Last season a young rider asked me, (her horse did the same thing) “please don’t take any pictures of us.” I said I would retouch any photos I took and her horse would look beautiful. Poor thing spent the weekend apologising for her horse, who seemed to have a rather smug look on him. 🙂

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    1. Haha, yeah, it’s pretty exasperating sometimes. We want to present them at their very best, instead, they come out looking like we’ve beaten them over the head with a broomstick to get into the trailer.
      I’m thinking of schlepping on some vaseline around the eyes on her and going with the “showring Makeup look.”

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  2. Last year Finn had a moth eaten look for the first half of show season because his new neighbor liked to bite him over the fence…and Finn didn’t have enough sense not to to stay far away, but instead egged him on. “Yeah, sure, let’s play bite the face with each other, that’s fun!” Of course on the face, neck, butt. He looked like a beaten up pasture horse rather than the coddled dressage pony I was trying to present. Horses.


    1. Ah, the moth eaten look, always a show winner:)
      It’s killing me how oblivious they seem to create all sorts of gashes at any time. And then, if summer, go ahead and rub half a body part off when the flies start to eat on the crusty scabs.
      Luckily, no flies here just yet. That’s next week 😉


      1. Yep, we had flies for a few days when the weather was warm. They disappeared during the rain, but they’ll be back this week with the return of the sun! Pesky little things. Can’t believe I have to dig out the fly spray already.

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        1. We got stuck in an extreme Monsoon on Saturday and Sunday. They were all in shock and I haven’t seen any since. I’m sure they will come with a Vengeance just as yours…


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