Show Prep

The Warrior Princess – off to a show!

In the midst of shedding out to a Mushroom, or perhaps Yesterday’s Oatmeal, color, and now, a hairless scab above her eye.  She’ll look just stunning anyway!

All done up, ready to go –

braids in sleezyTaking a gamble on her not ripping up the sleazy and tearing out the braids overnight in her paddock…

One more winter, perhaps two, in a winter coat with dark points, then she’ll be high maintenance true gray all year.

Winter canter

Not expecting to recreate any of all this yumminess in the showring…  Happy if we can just get through the test!  And have fun!

Valiosa Twisted Oak Ranch

We’ll do Training Level 1 and 2.  Hoping for two reasonable rides, with a bit of suppleness, and smooth transitions.  (And then after, I’ll be showing another little gelding, more on him later.)

She’s such an easy traveler and will have fun seeing so much new stuff.  The location is the same as at her very first show, Intro Level last September, so no major surprises.  Hopefully.

It’s been long since she showed…  It’s about time we get out!

Maybe a better photo opp than this, from last time?…

lost number

That’s us, walking around in the warmup ring.  (Seriously Not acceptable activity.)  The bridle number fell off.  Always super professional like that…

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