Show Report

Valiosa survived her 2nd show.

Only half the horse I get at home, but with no spooking and a really good attitude about it all, I’m very happy with her.  And good scores to boot.

morning at the show
Morning light in the clean tail before bridling. If showing, there’ll ALWAYS be early morning light.

Again, no showring picture-evies, but you’re not missing much…  She was absolutely inattentive, stiff, and straight.  Whatever I did, it wasn’t enough for her.

But how about this one, both of us almost-dressed?

gearing up
Geeky and lovin it. If middle age and absolutely thrilled to be at a show, always be geeky!

She did Training Level 1 with a 69.35!  Thrilled, because the test felt so tight and resistant.  (My specialty, sadly.)  Very grateful with this score, as she was so stiff and we still pulled off a great score.  The score tied for 2nd, we got to bring 3rd place ribbon home.

Training Level 2;  more relaxed and supple.  The contact felt better.  But lost impulsion and test comments focused on a too tight back.  (Bet she was a bit tired and blah at this point.)  A big step to the left with the haunches at the first halt…

5th place and a 65.19.  Thought she felt so much better in the second test, but the scores said – “Please go home and school your young horse.”

Perhaps a couple of more shows, and then I’d really like to look back to this period with an “Aah, look how far we’ve come” sort of feel.  (You know, instead of, “whaaaahhhh, all this training and this is it?”)

Smashed braids
After, braids held up. But if using big fluffy braids, smashing them overnight in a sleazy is not exactly the best choice.

Traveling in a large, 3-horse SilverLite this time.  And in good, fun, company!

Next up was my first time Western Dressage test.  With Sultry little Antonio.

first westernd dressage show
Sure, Western Dressage in English boots, it’s edible.

He survived his first show (Last time I heard he’d spazzed out and refused to go in the ring.) and I survived a picture opportunity with a Cowboy hat.

Check back tomorrow for a couple of shots of this guy in the ring.

Nancy and I
Nope, I didn’t ride with the hat on…


5 thoughts on “Show Report

  1. Mid-high 60’s in training level are GREAT scores! I get the same comments about the stiff back. I bet if you watched video of the tests you would feel a lot better about them. They often seem unacceptable from the saddle point of view, but the camera on the ground can show you a lot of (good) stuff you miss from the saddle.

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    1. Yes, we are our own biggest critics. It takes guts for all of us to get out there and show, knowing it may or may not all completely fall apart. My friends said she looked quite good, I was sitting on top wondering where the horse I rode on Thursday had gone 🙂


  2. Well done, you! It takes a bunch of shows for your horse to relax about the ring – and, perhaps, for you, too! Keep taking her to shows, and pretty soon you will be able to get more out of her, although it still may be 75% of what you can get at home. That’s just the way it is. Those are great scores, by the way, you should be proud. And you know what to work on, now 🙂

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    1. Aw, thank you! I’m proud of her, a respectable test! But not proud of my riding, however that is possible 😉 I’m striving for a sort of happy comingling of horse and rider, and, well, it didn’t feel like it. Yeah, always greedy 🙂


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