Easter 2016

posting trot

Here’s to a quiet Easter Weekend for all!

Here’s to a long spring.  Please be a long spring!  No one is ready for summer just yet…

Here’s to hoping your family is healthy, your horses sound, and your tack clean.  (Right.)


Valiosa, at 4 1/2 years, slowly increasing muscle.

Valiosa Easter 2016

The canter has been a challenge for her.  For us.  I’ll have to write a separate post on it later.  If you’re riding a horse with a less than naturally gifted canter,  you’ll feel right at home.

Here, I’m so absolutely pleased with her!  She’s stepping under, staying forward, not scrambling, and no one is clamping down.  (That’d be me.)  Wonderful little mare!

Easter Canter

The back pasture, for perhaps two more weeks, so beautiful it hurts.

Easter Trot

Photo bomb provided by my son.  Thank you for blowing a morning of spring break for me!

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