Finding Improvement Every Day In Training

I read another article (again!) on the importance of taking note of the SMALL signs of improvement in our horses.

It’s there, each time, we just have to make sure to notice it.  With the training going so slowly, taking years to improve in dressage, one can easily miss all the tiny things that get better each day.

I’ve decided to make sure to recognize at least one positive change in my horse each time I see her.  It can be a really tiny thing, but I make sure to acknowledge it.

It’s been a few days, and I think it’s working already!  Try it!

Today, sharing a big success, for the mare that couldn’t possibly jump over anything not that long ago.

 Short play morning – 3 jumps in a row on the longside.

barrel jump

Holding a lunge line and filming with the mobile leaves no hand for a lunge whip.  Point and shoot; she did this by herself happily.

The “garden chair crossrail”, a smashing chic backyard must-have .

redneck arena jump

Penciling in at least two more easy fun jump days before the end of May, then leaving it alone until late fall.

jumping on lunge line

Go grey mare!


12 thoughts on “Finding Improvement Every Day In Training

  1. Wow! That is so exciting. I knew it, she’s a closet jumper! It was only a short time ago she had no clue, now barrels and fashionable lawn furniture. She rocks!!! (Ow, and some credit goes to you, i guess) 😉

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  2. She’s a cute jumper. Would like to see what she can do over a higher obstacle some day. My excitement (not!) for yesterday was finally getting my mare to push around one of those huge horse ball toys while mounted. She’s never been afraid of it, just never felt like kicking it around either–so she would head straight for it but just enough to the side not to have to interact with it. Yesterday she pushed it around, well, not “happily” but she pushed it around. Maybe she did it because I finally stopped telling her how well my old Thoroughbred used to do it…?

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    1. Haha, all this time, she might have been “saving you” from running straight into that huge ball 😉 Finally she just gave up, and thought, OK mom, I guess we’ll go over here. Wondering if she’ll eventually find the fun in it…


  3. She has very nice form over those fences! Keep jumping her, it’s good cross training, good for mind and body to have something different to do (good for both of you). Star and I are doing weekly cross poles. We might graduate to a little low jumping later this year…

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    1. I like the cross training part for sure, but I’m always aware of the wear it takes on the horse with a lot of jumping. It holds me back a bit. But, you’re probably right in that I should keep offering this to her here and there!
      Biggest obstacle for me is when summer insane desert heat sets in, starting next month and lasting to October (or that’s what it feels like) and carrying around poles before and after the training is a horrid chore 🙂
      Curious to hear how it goes for you and Starlight with this!


      1. A famous eventing trainer told me that jumping 18″ or less is no more impact to the legs than cantering. I think if your footing is decent and you’re not jumping high – or too often – then the benefits outweigh any wear and tear. At this point I’m only doing trot poles so there is no wear or tear 🙂 If/when she jumps, it won’t be more than maybe 2′ or 2’6″, and it won’t be often. I’ll bet our girls would make amazingly fun hunters, though! (and I hear you about the heat…I do NOT do well in the heat).


        1. That’s good news, nothing much stopping us then 😉 Some additional new arena sand, sorely needed, is on the wish plan for this spring. For now, I have set up the few jumps several feet inside of the track perimeter, where the footing is quite good.
          Hunters… 🙂 I wouldn’t know much how to help her out there – I’d need a Point and shoot type of mount, like all the ones I used to ride like a kid, jumping “despite” their rider haha.

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