Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper Review

Easy to use, quality clipper that won’t break the bank!

Forget smaller, noisier, hotter, and quick to break clippers; the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed is the clipper-pick of Dressage On A Dime!

The Andis AGC Super 2-Speed is a great clipper for when you’ve tired of smaller, slower, and el-cheapo little vibrators with lots of noise and only a dull clip with cords to show for your hard work.

I’ve used three of these clippers now, and for the price, they beat many others.  For regular full body clips I’d love to have something even larger (and the shaky wrists afterward to pay for it.), but for frequent trimming and trace clips these are great!

Make sure to buy the version with the UltraEdge T-84, it’s a must-have for body clipping!  The standard CeramicEdge 10, which also comes with it, works well for legs and head.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper

There are tons of reviews on the AGC 2-Speed out there , many contradictory.  Here, ignoring the ones stating it breaks immediately, doesn’t stand up to clipping a whole horse, or comes with tweaked and dull blades.

And also the ones picking it as the best choice for full body clips of 20-30 horses/year, while being completely maintenance free and able to do a full body in 45 minutes.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper review

Skipping the boring spec part and moving on straight to why I like it:

  • It’s small – no wrist fatigue after using it!
  • The body of the clippers do not get hot, and have no vents to clean out.
  • Fits many blades.
  • With a clean horse, sharp blades, and oil, a good clip is guaranteed.
  • Blades stay cool, but cooling spray is a must have.
  • It’s corded, so no worrying about charging batteries.  Just use an outdoor extension cord – no problem with reach.
  • You can drop it on rubber mats without it breaking. (Done it!)
  • Also on your foot if that’s how you roll.  Like me.
  • It’s well below $200 with both tax + shipping, and extra T-84 blade.

Trace-Clip Temper Tantrums – No More.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed ClipperFor your Cushing’s Retirees, Grimy-Coat Pasture Pets, or Florida-14 Day- Clip-Cycle-Sport-Horses, look elsewhere.

Clean skin makes for a clean cut.  Bathe, dry, oil the blades, apply coat shine (blades glide better):  Clip.  In that order.

Oh, and get the blades sharpened each season.  But you already knew that.

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5 thoughts on “Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper Review

  1. I agree! I have the same one! It would be nice to have a larger clipper for full body clips but I love how quiet this one is. And keeping it clean as well as your horse is so important!


    1. Yes, it’s neat isn’t it?! I find the larger 84 blade is good for clipping on the body, and after trying some larger ones – yes, time is saved with a big version, but then my arms give out 😉


  2. I love these clippers! I actually got a blade for this to match my big clippers, so sometimes I will do a body clip with these! Plus they are indeed very quiet, and my ear-sensitive horse lets me get his inner ear and face with these 🙂 Totally agree


    1. The only thing I’m missing on them is sort of a little”hanging hook” to be able to hang them easily next to me during quick breaks from clipping etc. As it is now I just place them on the barn isle.
      Other than that, got everything I need!


  3. I’m still using my 17yr old Sunbeam clippers. I think they are called Oster A5’s now. I love them but I’m sure they are getting close to their last legs. I’ll have to check out Andis.

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