Paddock News

Spring Time!

Perfect time to fix up the paddock a bit.

New front-fence, safer than earlier, showed up as a nice surprise!

dry paddock

Valiosa’s outdoor shelter from this post – Building a quick horse shelter – has held up great this winter.  The addition of many rubber stall mats, from this post: – Mud Season – helped stave off a complete mud bath in front of it, but not entirely.

So, next project;  lay down a geotextile type material and get a big truckload with two different gravels on top.  Some handiwork with the tractor, I’m pretty sure it will have to be by me, to get it in place.

Then drag all 15 dead bodies, I mean rubber mats, back on top.

To make it happen, she got new fence posts and a new gate installed, wide enough to drive a truck in.

before installing gravel

Most of my contribution to that project was painting it white and decorating with birdhouses.  Not sure how much that counts.

This morning – another trailer outing to LBHA with my young mare. 

She kept it together in the arena and showed promise of producing an even better show result next time out.

Second horse, sultry Antonio, behaved just as well for me, creating a false sense of security that we’ll do just fine at his next show opportunity….

Sounds so easy.  Of course you know how these things go, and it took more than half the day…

Have a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “Paddock News

  1. Looks fantastic! And Valiosa is looking more and more grown up. I predict you are going to enjoy her more and more (is it possible?), and to have better and better success with your dressage and yes, even with that canter 🙂

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    1. Yes, I think it IS more possible. My puppy dog horse, who is a star and a love and has started nickering EVERY day I pull up in the car (sugah mommah, that’s all it says then.) is highly coveted. More love her way if she starts to absolutely LOVE her job and want to go forward, with GUSTO, while still relaxed.
      yeah I know, asking for a lot…
      Happy horsing!

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      1. A dressage master once told me that many formerly lazy horses finally get a “work ethic” at about five or six years old, so I am predicting that for Valiosa. As you continue to strengthen and train her, it will get easier for her in some ways. Yes, she’ll work harder, but she’ll have the strength to carry herself (more musculature) and so it will feel more rewarding to her (endorphins!) and not feel so awkward (canter). Harmony and happiness will abound. Meanwhile, enjoy your role as sugar mama. There’s nothing like that nickered greeting to warm your heart.

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        1. Better work ethic, endorphin rewards, harmony and happiness – I love this prediction!!
          I hope to be able to give you some really nice reports on this at the end of summer 2017!
          And yes, in the meantime, I’m pretty ridiculously enjoying the little nickers 🙂

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