New Dressage Judges Coming Your Way!

This weekend – The 3-Day Final Exam For The L-Program’s Judging Candidates.

Valley Oaks Chapter CDS did their last installment of the L-Program at the Golden State Dressage Festival at Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center.

Couldn’t have picked a larger venue to put the up and coming judges and their scribes to the test – RMEC has a total of 19 rings!

L Program Rainy day
Early morning – no one on this patio – rain the whole day!

This is my third time working with Megan Dischler as her scribe.  It’s been a wonderful opportunity to see in full what the “L-Program offers”, and to gain inside information on what really matters in the showring.

Think you know?  Think your trainer knows?… 

Arriving on show grounds 7:45 AM, leaving 6 PM. And all the pictures I got came out like this?! Not blog worthy…

Work closely with the L-Program, take opportunity to listen in as scores and comments are called out simultaneously for hours on end.  If allowed, sit in on the educational sessions with top judges that the candidates attend…

I have a whole new perspective since this started in April last year!

Rider getting ready in one of the indoor warm up arenas
Rider getting ready in one of the indoor warm up arenas

Not to mention it’s been great to see in person the thorough training the USDF offers their beginner judges.  Not sure on the total number, but I think we’ll soon have 8 new L judges available.

Megan is going to come through the program with flying colors by end of today, flying home to Wisconsin tonight!  Sorry we had such an unwelcoming California show weekend!  (Although I love this last spring rain.)

Megand Dischler and I
Megan Dischler and I

Go Megan!!


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