New Bling On The Schooling Browband

Super easy, quick, update on the U-Shaped Browband – No shopping involved.

Admitting to more crystals…  This time just for schooling. No new cheesy blinged out showring tack.

u shaped browband with green and clear crystals

With the right glue, adding on two alternating shades of green Swarovski to the existing clear ones is very easy.  Green, because it matches nothing else of what I have and made no sense at all.  So, a must have!

adding crystals to browband

Then things went overboard and this whip got drenched in a Teal Mix Swarovski.  Please make it stop.

dressage whip with crystals


12 thoughts on “New Bling On The Schooling Browband

  1. And why shouldn’t you use this for showing? It’s beautiful and it really is pretty subtle. Bring it on, girl! If you like it, just do it. I only object when people have it all over every single piece of equipment, but a few here and there, especially on the horse to accent a beautiful head, well, why not?

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    1. 🙂 Love it. Well. I already have a fairly heavily blinged browband, and really thought we could use a more “quiet” one. Then I did this… Well, perhaps it will have to come out at one of the schooling shows! 🙂


  2. This is what happens when one gets a glue gun in hand. 🙂

    The whip is super-nice but my daughters don’t use a whip when they practice or compete. But, they’ve found it makes for a pretty good back scratcher for their horses.


  3. Ooo I do like these – especially the green! Just the right amount of bling without going over the top. You see some people that have gone way too far with the sparkle….


    1. I knew I wouldn’t be alone out there in loving green!
      And yep, especially over on your side there’s a lot of sparkle in the dressage rings. Less so over here to tell you the truth. Riders tend to stay away some, as it’s connotated with Western Riding and all the sequines there…


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