Another sweet barn day

This glorious “Paddock-Morning-Shade” tree is no longer.

Twisted Oak Tree

Risking falling over, crushing several fences and all sorts of stuff below, huge equipment pulled in yesterday to cut it down.

Glad I don't have this guy's job
Glad I don’t have this guy’s job

They did a great job!  But I’ll miss the shade.

Valiosa also did a great job decorating her head again before our next show this weekend.  (There’s a pattern here.)  She went with more of an Indian Bindi Mark Look this time.

The Bindi Mark before the show

It’s too small, the blood dried up and made it less visible already.  She’s got a few more days for last-minute additions.

To make things easier on myself, I’ve updated her software and installed a new App:  The Parking app.

The parking feature
She’ll stay parked like this while I build a jump for her in the arena. Very convenient, yes.

This morning, testing out something bigger than a low cross rail.

barrel jump

She thought it was really exciting, but I still only really want her to jump very low stuff.


Closing with; The Morning Commute.

The Prius was Super unpopular at the carpool to school today, even before they got in…

The Prius as hay truck



14 thoughts on “Another sweet barn day

  1. Ummm … I don’t see anything wrong with your car. 🙂

    Yes, better to lose a tall leaning tree than hurt something on the ground. Like the jumping, for obvious reasons. Best to keep it low. And, BTW, checked out Logo Garden and made up a free logo. Bought a few branded t-shirts for the family to see how they like it.


    1. That’s what I was saying to the kids – this is completely normal, now load up all your backpacks, the dog, and the trumpet, and lets go! 🙂

      Wait, branded T-shirts, why am I not having this for me and my family!? Envious! 😉

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      1. Well, you are “Dressage On A Dime”, so that means you are frugal. 🙂 I saw the merchandise section that you could buy with your logo branded onto clothing. The t-shirts seemed reasonably priced at $8.88 for the budget, $9.88 for the heavier cotton, and too pricy for the ladies cut ($19.85/20.90). Went for the budget shirt. If we do more with the branded items, I can take the free logo to a local company that does branding for the daughters’ gear. On their turtleneck shirts and hoodies, they’ll continue using the old logo.

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  2. This is amazing, haha! you have such a spontaneous way to blog, and I must admit I more than giggled at the “software update”. I’ll be looking forward to following you! 😀


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