Monday Morning – And Loving It!

Dressage On A Dime

I try to ride Gandolf on most Monday mornings.

Valiosa gets to saunter around in his pasture for some time then.  We’re both loving Mondays, in our own different ways.

Monday mornings

She rewards mostly by rubbing the tail root on trees.  Hanging up her fly mask from a branch.  And pulling off a shoe if it’s muddy.  Or, as you can see, tearing off bell boots.

bell boots lost in pasture

This is why we love them (?).

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning – And Loving It!

  1. A horse being a horse day. Better than training any other day. 🙂

    Where did you get the nifty horse head graphic at the top of this post? And, I hope you got it for free, or very, very low cost (like $0.99 with a forever license to use). I ask because my daughters want a more stylized logo before their riding season begins next month and they can use for branding on their personal gear.


    1. David – I made it my self at a site some time ago, and just saved sort of the free draft version offered. (Sigh, this is where it’be very handy to link to a name of the website…) Not sure, I think it was Logo Garden perhaps. You can pay a fee to get the rights to the logo there, but I never bothered. Now you’re raising some ideas 😉
      Maybe I DO need itmes printed out with logo on my gear!!! 🙂


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