The Value Of Arena Mirrors

Regularly riding without mirrors, it’s easy to under-estimate their value.

I’ve had no real opportunity to ride Valiosa with mirrors; to see what she actually looks like, check the straightness coming down the long side, and, probably most importantly – check that I’m sitting centered in the saddle.

No surprise, we’re horrific.

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to ride at a friends property with a full court, great footing, and the length of the short side with mirrors.  Don’t miss out on using them  if you’ve got them!

At Rosebud Equestrian

This visit was a prep ride before a show tomorrow.  Keeping it short, here’s the summary :

  • Take the green bean out often, to many different places.
  • Come up with a routine to get the green bean’s attention in the arena.  Rides will go much better.  (Still haven’t figured one out.)
  • If you have opportunity to ride with mirrors – make sure to USE them.  They are a fantastic tool, and I hadn’t realized how much I miss being able to see the misery.  They can help in so many ways.  Seat, hand, balance, straightness, the overall picture, the list goes on…

And now, a photobomb,  been a while.

Riding my friend’s horse Gandolf a bit.  He decided he didn’t want to be a senior this day, and wanted to really go.

He's so strong, he can take my entire core and just pull us both down
He’s so strong, he’ll take my entire core and just pull us both down

And go, and go.

He gets and A + for effort, but a half halt button would be nice
He gets and A + for effort, but a half halt button would be nice

No, he really ONLY wanted to canter

Valiosa was a star and had to stand bored in the middle with Nancy the whole time.  She doesn’t have half the desire to go forward.

-"No he really didn't bolt just now. He's just really wanting to go. Right?"
-“No he really didn’t bolt just now. He’s just really wanting to go. Right?”

And then we’d go again.

Gandolf at Rosebud Equestrian

Sure, he’d settle for some trot.


But mostly he just wanted to canter.

Yey mirrors

No time for mirrors and prissy seat adjustments this ride, I just rode the steam engine.  Now, scheming for  ideas on how I could mount a small mirror in at least one corner…

Thank you for sharing your farm with us this morning Vivian!

5 thoughts on “The Value Of Arena Mirrors

    1. We all just cringe, don’t we, sometimes. … Ugh. För me it’s mostly like “What?! Still!? All this time and I still ride like that!?”… sigh.
      Ok, quick show update monday. It went well! !


    1. That length of the short side felt really useful!
      All I’m wishing for is one in a corner so I can see us just coming down straight on the long side or in a small shoulder in…


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