Happy Show Results!

At C Turn Right, Bolt at M

Super pleased with the grey mare at her 3rd show.  Overall, she felt as if we were more together, and perhaps even a bit more forward than last time.  Still ugly canter transitions and distractions.

Rode her in Training Level Test 2 and 3 for two different judges.

Fun show pictures coming up later this week, for now, this is all.  Can’t believe this green girl could come out at Training Level and get a string of 8’s!  So happy!

Training Level 2 score sheet

Lower scores toward the end, distracted, but I’m thrilled.  The error was a major bolt in the corner at a Test Runner bike.

That’s a new one for us – she’s full of surprises.  Total score at Training Level Test 2:  67.7 for a 2nd place.

Back of score sheet

Have a feeling it was the impressive bolt that helped earn an 8 for Rider’s Position and Seat.  See, there’s a silver lining to everything!

The second test was Training Level Test 3 – she decided cantering transitions were disgusting but the rest was pretty good.  Total score 62.3 and a 4th place.

Go grey mare!

Big Thank You to Nancy who helped make this happen by taking us to the show!


18 thoughts on “Happy Show Results!

  1. Wow and Fantastic!!!! Very impressive scores and without that bolt, we can just imagine what your total score would have been (although maybe you might not have gotten the rider 8? Although maybe you still would have). Anyway, an outstanding test and clearly, Valiosa and you are making really good progress. Starlight and I have our first show next weekend: God help us. Forward will not be the problem…under control may be the problem…

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    1. Hehe, I’m pretty sure my stickability in a lengthy and strong bolt helped secure that 8 🙂
      I’m super pleased with her this time out, but still, the rideability is NOT there and I worry and fret endlessly. You know how that goes. I love to have validated that she’s coming along correctly at Training Level.
      But, the “feeling” I’m looking for is not there. I KNOW you can relate to this.
      So. Here is to wishing us both further success!
      I’ll have my fingers crossed for you and Star this weekend – just go WITH her and make it look easy, albeit perhaps a bit rushed 😉

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  2. Super scores! They will keep going up when you get the distraction factor under control. I think that can be solved just by putting more show mileage on her. A couple of years ago my training level horse piaffed at the spooky judges booth–thankfully before we had started our test.

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    1. I’m happy with her Alli. Thank you!
      She’s not really a difficult or spooky horse, but getting her attention completely on ME, and moving relaxed and purposefully forward is a huge challenge.
      It haunts me and this month I will pull out all stops at home to work in VERY short, focused, sessions with focus on her using her body, or if I should say give her body, to the forward motion.
      Then I plan on having a very easy 2 month summer period. With some luck it will all pay off.
      SO happy to have my friends online here that cheer us on and help me out while I struggle with this 🙂


    1. Well, it WAS a schooling show after all – scores tend to get kinder there. Anyhow – of course I had to post about it, this might be the only time I get so many 8’s in a row, ever! Now, back to reality 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the good scores and comments. Always nice to bring home ribbons. In two weeks, my daughters will begin their riding season with two weeks in Texas. The excitement is beginning to build. 🙂

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      1. The daughters do have fun at shows. When it’s their turn in the ring, it’s all business. In the second show before Memorial Day, Elizabeth will be going for a three-peat win on BBQ Karaoke Night. 🙂


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